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A Day with Yuliya Martynova

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TOAF Takeover Tuesday

YM: hi there, art lovers and my fellow artists! I am in charge of #toaftakeover insta for a day so will try to showtell about what I do, how and why, maybe little less about how as I like to think what I do is a bit of magic. Here is the opening shot from the recent and my very first show at #toaflondon which I must say was exhausting but absolutely fantastic experience. What has left such a good impression? Three things: 1. #toafteam is a bunch of young and exceptionally professional event management gurus who treat every artist as s/he is the only one at this large show 2.quality of selection is outstanding (vs you pay you show shows) with very clever curating in terms of allocating stands to complement eachother 3. The #vibe of the fair is something that leaves no one indiferent creating not just another show but an experience to both creators and their audience #toaftakeover

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YM: thanks to @saatchiart and platforms alike, online art selling is now the driving force for an emerging artist. I own my success to American market that helped me to grow sales and gain financial stability while keeping my base in London. It’s important to engage with your art collector at the group shows such as #toaf but if you are to be discovered anywhere in the world, presenting your art well digitally and work effectively with the curators who pick your work is everything. This is why I stay tuned with social media and update my web listings immediately after sales, respond swiftly to any commission enquiries and deal with courier issues as a priority. Because artist is not just a creator, she is a reputation first and foremost #martynovalondon #toaftakeover #toafartist #toaflondon #discoverartist #emergingartist #whatsonlondon #londonartlife

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