TOAF takeover

#TOAFtakeover: Jordan Conaghan

Welcome to #TOAFtakeover, an Instagram series that gives you an insight into the work and life of our artists.

‘I’m Jordan Conaghan and I’ll be taking over the Other Art Fair today. (“Gliding”, 71cm x 91cm, 2017, Edition of 20). I love to draw wildlife using ink since the ink itself has such a free and uncountable aspect just like wildlife. The journey I take through each piece is unique just like the animal I draw. I enjoy the sense of intimacy between the turtle and the viewer in this piece, being able to capture that free flowing aspect of the turtle has allowed this.’


I enjoy keeping my practice open in how I choose to describe an object whether it’s clean and sharp with an ink pen or gestural and open with ink and water. I love using ink in my practice with its strong vibrant colours and its passion not to be controlled. Which is a concept I like to explore through controlling the uncontrollable.’

“Last Stand” | 38cm x 55cm | Ink on Paper | $280 (AUD) unframed | $400(AUD)  framed | Using ink in this work allowed me to convey the beauty of these great animals, whilst hiding the ugly truth at the same time. I love to play with the idea in my work that something beautiful can have such an ugly surrounding.’

I love to work in multiple mediums and printmaking has allowed me to do this and to create quite a diverse range of work that are all intertwined together. I mainly work in screenprinting and vinyl. This area of practice is influenced by the urban society that most people live in because of this these works are very pleasing to the eye yet chaotic at the same time. In a juxtaposition’

‘When all my ideas take shape and form the works I make.’

“Untitled” | Vinyl on black fine art paper | Edition of 10 | 76cm x 56cm unframed | $400 (AUD) Framed & $180 (AUD) Unframed | I enjoy the use of line when using vinyl. I find that it makes a strong, solid line on the surface that stands out to the viewer and doesn’t just sit back like it would using another medium.’

“Fragmented Order ” | 38cm x 38cm | Vinyl on fine art paper | Edition of 20 | I was inspired by urban development in Sydney with this piece with it looking beautiful overall but when you look closely its anything but peaceful and calm like its exterior.’

‘Thanks so much for the Takeover. Hope you enjoyed an insight into my practice and my work. For any inquiries or commissions please go to or @conaghanart |”Macaw” | 71cm x91cm | $300 (AUD) | Print on canvas | Edition of 20 |’