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Love Man: Arts of Life’s Limited Edition Print at The Other Art Fair Chicago

Arts of Life is returning to The Other Art Fair Chicago, this time with an exclusive comic print by the creators of Love Man, David Krueger and Ben Marcus.

We are delighted to share that Arts of Life will be our charity partner at this April’s edition of The Other Art Fair Chicago, from April 21 – 24th. This inspiring organization provides artists with developmental disabilities the opportunity to pursue a career in the visual arts by providing studio space, exhibition opportunities, and most importantly a strong community built on equity, respect, and creative expression. These values have nurtured a resilient organization that currently represents more than 60 artists.

David Krueger, a bold and dynamic artist, who has been with Arts of Life since 2007, creates detailed and colorful designs that use squiggles, crosses, and a variety of other shapes. He has shown at many exhibitions including the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in 2017.

Arts of Life Limited Edition Print by David Krueger and Ben Marcus


David met Ben Marcus, a multidisciplinary artist, in 2014 at Arts of Life when Ben was meant to be his mentor and quickly became his collaborator and friend. Ben works with illustration, sculpture, comics, and murals, and he DJs as well. As he started working with David their shared interest in comics came to light and ever since then they have been working together to create a comic series called “Love Man.” The main character, Love Man, has only two desires …. Love and 7/11 slurpees.

The Artists: David Krueger (left) and Ben Marcus (right)

The cover of the Love Man comic created by David Krueger and Ben Marcus


These two have a great dynamic and process to create this hilarious and unusual comic. David voices ideas, says funny things, and Ben jots it all down as they create a larger narrative together. Then it’s off to the drawing board where Ben pencils out images and David markers them over.

“Julia Roberts, I’m surprised. Why are you robbing a 7/11?” “I need attention”

“Taste my slurpee” “Thank you”

David and Ben continue to work together to share the message of “Love Man” to more and more people.

The Limited Edition Print will be an edition of 60 for $50 available exclusively at The Other Art Fair Chicago and signed by both artists, David Krueger and Ben Marcus.