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Fair Director’s Pick: Vahe Yeremyan

As part of our ongoing series highlighting exceptional artists showing in The Other Art Fair Los Angeles, we asked Los Angeles Fair Director Nicole Garton to select the artists she is most excited for people to discover. This week, she shares her insights into her latest pick.

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Fair Director’s Pick for the Week of December 3

Vahe Yeremyan

Vahe Yeremyan is an Armenian artist, based in Los Angeles, whose loosely rendered oil paintings convey the joy and beauty he finds in nature—from coastal Malibu, to meadows of spring green, to the orange crags of the Grand Canyon. The rich colors and butteriness of his paint recall the styles of the Impressionists, with whom he shares an uncanny facility in the handling of light. For Vahe, painting comes as naturally as breathing—a serenity that comes through on the canvas.

Cliffs by Vahe Yeremyan | $1,800

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As Nicole forms her recommendations, she is considering key aspects of an artist’s work that demand special recognition—whether it be a fully articulated style that is unique and arresting, a mastery of technical skill that reveals an uncommon talent, or a strong underpinning of ideas that is fresh and provocative. It is our hope this this series will help you discover an artist whose works you really love.

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