The Other Art Fair

Dallas: Selection Committee Member Michael Wyatt Selects His Fair Favorites

Ahead of the inaugural edition of The Other Art Fair Dallas, we asked Selection Committee member Michael Wyatt to select 5 artists he is most excited to see at the fair.

Michael is the founder and curator of Full City Rooster coffee roasting studio. Founded in 2013, Full City Rooster is a small-batch specialty coffee roasting company located in the Cedars area of downtown Dallas.  Committed to supporting culture and community in various forms, their “coffee roasting studio” space, exhibits the work of local artists and, currently, works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jerry Bywaters, Jeff Baker, and Dan Rizzie among others.

Read on to discover Michael’s fair favorites!

Sait Mingü

Random IV - Limited Edition of 1

“Random IV”, Sait Mingu

Sait Mingü is a contemporary, expressionist figurative artist working in acrylics, ecoline and lately in digital. By combining handmade drawings and paintings with possibilities offered by technology, Mingü blends illustrative elements with conventional painting and works on paper. The fusion of color is, perhaps, the best attribute to characterize his paintings.

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Leslie Lanxinger


“Orphans”, Leslie Lanxinger

Leslie Lanxinger imagines and builds her own cast of fantastical characters out of ceramic, paper pulp, and textiles. Lanxinger’s work is layered with literary references, religion, science, fairy tale, mythology, pop culture and anthropology, which are scrambled and re-contextualized into a poetic narrative.Her charcoal drawings are large, extremely detailed, and rendered with heavy chiaroscuro on thick paper.

Click here to see more of Leslie’s work.

Francisco Benitez

The Poison Berries

“The Poison Berries”, Francisco Benitez

The main themes in Benitez’s work are the recuperation of Old Master techniques and approaches, with a heightened awareness of contemporary art. He juxtaposes art styles from various periods to highlight the political contexts, gender roles, and psychological realities of the various human subjects he paints. His work is on permanent display at the New Mexico State Legislature’s public art collection, as well as at the National Hispanic Culture Center and the Conseil Général de l’Aveyron in France.

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Lauren Dickinson

Royal Empress

“Royal Empress”, Lauren Dickinson

Lauren Dickinson believes, “art, especially of the abstract, can be a powerful voice, an expression of the artist’s essence and real authenticity.” She is a volunteer  for a local artist association, and works professionally as an art consultant.

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Glen Gauthier


“Undeliverable”, Glen Gauthier

Gauthier creates works in collage, utilizing ephemera from old magazines, books, manuals, photos and his late aunt’s south Louisiana insurance agency. An award-winning Creative Director in advertising and branding, Gauthier draws on his love of concepts and hand skills to meticulously create his art pieces.

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These artists are part of the 120 stellar exhibitors set to be showcased at  The Other Art Fair Dallas, happening September 19-22 at Dallas Market Hall.

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