The Other Art Fair

Flights, Friendships and Fabulously Funky Art

Swedish artists Johannes Gustafsson and Karin O, the dynamic duo of creativity, have been painting the world with their artistic expressions by exhibiting at The Other Art Fair in various cities. It’s fair to say our art-loving attendees can’t get enough of these two, and neither can the art experts – the artists were both selected by our individual Selection Committees across the world to exhibit, a testament to their talents and accessibility to all audiences. As friends and collaborators, they’ve shared laughter, support, and the joy of showcasing their work together. Here they open up about their work, experiences in different art markets, and the unique friendship that adds an extra layer of charm to their artistic journeys with The Other Art Fair.

Johannes’ World of Depth and Shadows

Johannes, a Swiss-based Swedish artist and interior designer, has been making waves with his thought-provoking series, “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT – BE YOU.” As we chatted, Johannes emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself, a theme beautifully portrayed in his mixed media works. His pieces, mostly in white with tiny, transparent details, unfold relatable stories within deep shadow boxes, urging visitors to step closer to unveil the magic (or in some cases, a little cheek!).

Having exhibited at multiple editions of The Other Art Fair in six different cities, Johannes enjoys the thrill of meeting art lovers and fellow artists worldwide. He’s learned the art of meticulous planning and the virtue of traveling light, emphasizing the importance of preparation.

When asked about exhibiting alongside his fellow Swede Karin, Johannes exclaimed, “It’s soooooo great fun to share a few of my trips with her. She is an awesome person, and I love to do fairs together. To have someone to chat with, discuss, laugh with, (sometimes cry with) someone to help solve problems etc. I think we are a very good match. She is a fabulous queen.”

Karin’s Whimsical Tapestry

On the other side of the duo is Karin, a Swedish artist based in Sweden, renowned for infusing whimsy and joy into her character creations. Her eclectic journey began in textile art and expanded into vibrant realms, involving found objects like vintage letters, metal plates, and tins. Notably, her 2023 series delved into vintage letters from the 30s to 40s, featuring intricate embroidered art with playful emojis—a seamless blend of old-world charm and modern communication. “The appreciation for this series highlighted the timeless themes bridging the past and present” Karin explains “…making it a meaningful and well-received exploration.”

Karin has graced a handful of editions of The Other Art Fair across London, Sydney, and Dallas in the past year. For her, the allure lies in the inspirational adventure and the diverse community (artist and buyers alike). She explains “the vibrant atmosphere and shared passion make it an essential part of my artistic journey, something I truly can’t do without.” Traveling her work globally has not only deepened her understanding of art but also forged friendships around the world. 

Through the art fairs, I’ve discovered the richness of diverse perspectives, and in the process, I’ve made lasting friendships that extend beyond the canvas. Engaging with the vibrant The Other Art Fair community has become a source of inspiration, teaching me not only about my practice but also about the profound impact of art on building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals all over the world.

Sharing this artistic journey with Johannes, whom she lovingly refers to as her “work hubby” adds an extra layer of magic to their experiences. Karin describes their dynamic blend of order and spontaneity, appreciating Johannes’ structured approach while navigating her own days in a whimsical, rom-com style. “The delightful contrast between our styles makes our collaboration exceptionally enjoyable and rewarding” Karin shared.

As these Swedes continue to traverse the globe, their friendship, laughter, and contrasting artistic styles continue to weave a colorful narrative on the canvas of the art world. Discover international artists at our 2024 editions across the world. And if you’re an artist looking to join our community, take a look at our current open calls for applicants.