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A Day with Sally Hewett

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#TOAFtakeover Morning after Good Morning! I'm Sally Hewett and I’ve been invited to be the #TakeoverTuesday artist for today. I thought Morning After would be an appropriate piece to start the day. It is made with cotton jersey, padding and thousands of embroidered french knots. I used to call myself a stitcher and embroiderer but I've recently been told, by someone who knows what for, that it makes me sound as if I take up trousers or sew on buttons. So I will call myself an artist who uses fabric and stitch to make high relief pieces based on the human body. As well as fabrics I also use various other materials including human hair, nylon hair, leather, lace, embroidery silks and beads. Some the fabric, lace, embroidery silks and other stitching paraphernalia I use in my work I inherited from my grandmother. She it was who taught me to sew and embroider. #TheOtherArtFair #TakeoverTuesday #SallyHewett

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