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A Day with Lisa Krannichfeld

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#TOAFtakeover Hi y'all! Lisa Krannichfeld (@lalalisa) here, taking over this account today as it is #takeovertuesday! Throughout the day I'll tell you a bit more about my work, where I work, and what I'm working on! Here we go! Shown here is the piece I am currently working on and it is almost done. Depending on how complex the piece is it usually takes me anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks to finish a piece. I first build a wood panel, then measure and cut a sheet of watercolor paper to fit the size. The actual painting part is the fastest part and I prefer it that way. It's the most freeing, spontaneous part that I always do first so it guides how the painting will go for the rest of the process. After the ink and watercolor portion is painted and dry I collage in details with various cut papers and sometimes cyanotype prints. This particular painting still needs one of the last steps, painting in a few areas with acrylics. Lastly, I mount the paper onto the panel and pour several coats of resin on to seal all the materials together in a high gloss finish. Also, meet Ming, my recently adopted German Shepherd rescue pup! Whenever I'm not painting this smart, headstrong girl is keeping me on my toes! #theotherartfair #theotherartfairnyc #contemporaryart #inthestudio #artistsofinstagram #contemporaryartist #contemporarypainting #painter #studio #wip #workinprogress #instagramtakeover #lisakrannichfeld

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#TOAFtakeover #TakeoverTuesday #lisakrannichfeld @lalalisa The Chinese brush is by far my favorite brush to use. I use it in aspects of every one of my paintings. I love it because it holds so much water and pigment allowing to me to saturate my paper as I'm painting. I use this brush with all kinds of different inks and watercolors. I never seem to tire of all the textures and marks it gives me. I first came across this type of brush in undergrad when I took an evening Chinese Calligraphy class on a whim. At that time I was using it the traditional way – to paint Chinese characters; but it didn't take me long to start using it in my figurative work. #theotherartfair #theotherartfairnyc #instagramtakeover #inkpainting #chinesepainting #ink #painter #contemporarypainter #inthestudio #artstudio #studio #contemporaryart

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