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A Day with Joi Murugavell

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#TOAFtakeover by @oodlies – The large drawings you see behind me were drawn in my month of not telling a single white lie. It was an experiment and it went bad. I’m back to telling white lies, thankfully. That was in 2015, when I favoured drawing on large squares of paper, then moved on to wood, canvas, shoes, clothes, vehicles. I’d rather not stick to a style or media as that’s just asking for all sorts of boring trouble down the road. I favour getting the carrot out, then however it comes out, I make sure I use the right fixatives so things don’t fall off. – The next few photos in this post are: – 1) 1999 “Constipation”, Pen on paper and an sms to a friend. – 2) 2009-2011 I stalked interesting people on twitter, interviewed and drew them here’s @bambi.gordon ’s “Social Hazard”, Digital drawing. – 3) 2012 “The Man Who Sacked All His Words”, Digital drawing. – 4) 2014 “Hearing and Then Listening”, Digital drawing. – 5) 2015 Large drawings, mixed media on paper – 6) 2015 “Dance Dance Dance” mixed media on paper – 7) 2016 “Friendship Magnets” mixed media on wood panel – 8) 2017 “Bad Art Day” mixed media – Photo by @kaliopy – #TheOtherArtFair, #TakeoverTuesday #oodlies #joimurugavell

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#TOAFtakeover by @oodlies – In a recent interactive performance called ‘Ask me Anything’ (June 2017) I invited people to sit opposite me and ask me anything. The intimate format (in the middle of an exhibition opening night crowd) made open conversation possible. The biggest take away from this performance was to talk about ‘art’ as little as possible since it did not seem relevant to most people but the ideas, emotions behind each piece were felt by many. In other words try to speak human not artist. – Group exhibition: “Somewhere Between” with @marnierossartist and @ariellafriend in association with @artpharmacy. – Photos by @samuraimifune and Sam Whiteside. – Sculpture in photo (4) by @ariellafriend “Playful” Wood, acrylic paint, PVC glue. 142cm x 121cm x 1cm – #TheOtherArtFair, #TakeoverTuesday #oodlies #joimurugavell

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#TOAFtakeover by @oodlies – A drawing I’ll be showing at The Other Art Fair next Thursday “Two Sides of a Knucklehead” 29.5 x 21 cm, Acrylic and pen on used palette paper. – Two sides of a knucklehead is about taking what we need to find out, into our own hands. The art world can make things hazy at times speaking in that funny art language, artists feel a little constipated when it comes to talking about their art, as it’s personal and opening up to strangers right away feels a little like a medical examination. Then there’s the viewer, who feels uncomfortable asking questions as we should just ‘understand everything’. We’re all responsible for the knucklehead in Art. The best quote I’ve ever heard on why an artist paints is I think from Rothko (or someone totally different) “I paint so my pain can meet your pain”. It’s often quite simple and extremely joyous. – That’s it from me, hope to see you at The Other Art Fair next Thursday-Sunday. Me say day, me say day, me say day O #harrybelafonte – Thanks for letting me tie you up team at TOAF, I’ve really appreciated how humourous, real and passionate you’ve all been. – #TheOtherArtFair, #TakeoverTuesday #oodlies #joimurugavell

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