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#TOAFTakeover En Plein Air (painting outdoors in the elements) is definitely one of the most rewarding ways of painting for me. It gives you a direct connection with the subject, and a feel for the light that is near impossible from a photo. It is also THE HARDEST ahah, it means when it's not going right you can see instantly that you are being beaten – and everyone who walks by can too… The paintings I am working on here are all of liminal zones, places where people pass through or by, I am interested in finding the beauty in these places that most people wouldn't look twice at – let alone stop at. Yet these are the places that resonate with me. It's like when you hear a great song and need to hear it again – this is what I feel when I see these places I paint 😍 I will try and get out there today and share a new work made today – though the wind is howling and the rain is something else in Torquay today x o @harley_manifold_artist #theotherartfair#takeovertuesday

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#TOAFTakeover | My last post for the takeover | What do you see? In the last week people have felt such a myriad of different stories from this painting. Everything from unlimited hope to being stuck and cut off. The origin of the series of these paintings is long, and I've written it elsewhere 😊 This is a Self portrait, or #selfie if you like. When you see me in there it might all fall together. For me this is a very special leaving painting. Both seeing myself as part of the land(scape) and being cut off from it. Growing up in the country and then living for 7 years in the city – this is the goodbye to that. And Goodbye to you 😚 And hello to next 😊… @harley_manifold_artist #theotherartfair#takeovertuesday

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