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5 Ideas for Warming Up Wintery White Rooms

Do you love the crisp feel of white walls and white on white decor, but also crave coziness and comfort? Explore these ideas for 5 stylish ways to infuse your white rooms with a feeling of warmth while maintaining a clean modern vibe at home.

1… Make Friends With Metallics

Shiny gold accents, metallic sculpture, or reflective metallic furnishings can go a long way to amp up the glow in a spare white space. Try displaying a statement painting with gold leaf accents to lend a sense of spring to an expanse of snowy wall in style.

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2… Try Some New Textures

A mix of snowy wovens and chunky knits can make mainly white rooms feel cozier without introducing an avalanche of color. Natural wood furnishings, shiny wood floors, and decorative sculptural wood accents pair effortlessly with your white decor and contemporary art while adding a welcoming warmth.

Scandinavian Inspired Family Home - Front Entrance, Kitchen & Dining Room

(Image: Interior Design by Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating. Photos by Tracey Ayton Photography, courtesy of Houzz)

3… Let in the Light and Plenty of Plants!

If you’re lucky and your space has loads of natural light, make the most of it. Showing off fresh plants and greenery is an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into a winter white space while introducing interesting organic shapes and natural textures into your home design.

Portland Modern Mix

(Image: Built by The Works, Designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, Photos by Lincoln Barbour, courtesy of Houzz)

4… Pop Some Color: Brights or Blush

Featuring a new original painting, a pair of framed prints, or art photography in bold brights or rosy hues can cast the chill off a white room while adding more depth and dimension. Layer artwork with pops of color over subtly patterned walls to create a fun focal point.

(Image: The Show, an original painting with embroidered accents by Saatchi Art artist Hester van Dapperen, was recently featured in our Chief Curator’s picks for New This Week.)

5… Choose a Softer Approach

Warm up a wintery modern bedroom with fuzzy white fur accents and rugs, or try a white upholstered headboard, bench, or ottoman to add texture and comfort while keeping color minimal.

Master Bath

(Image: Interior Design by Beach Interiors (Ali Gibson Design). Photo by Leslie Goodwin Photography, courtesy of Houzz)

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