Guest Curator

Minimalism Meets Chic in Guest Curator Clare Vivier’s Exclusive Collection

Claire Vivier (Image: Rebecca Vivier)

We’re thrilled to have Clare Vivier, founder and designer of CLARE VIVIER, her eponymous handbag line, curating an exclusive collection of art as part of our ongoing Guest Curator series.

Born of Clare’s need for a stylish laptop case, CLARE VIVIER is now a global brand of ethically and locally-manufactured accessories that are truly as chic as they are utilitarian.

Like her handbags and clutches, Clare’s collection of art is timeless yet bold, mixing French glamour with California cool, clearly a reflection of the “elegant tension” she conjures “between modern detail and classic shapes.”

Having collaborated with Theory, Steven Alan, Refinery 29, Commune, Wren, and Jasmin Shokrian, Clare’s point of view is highly sought after.

Read on to learn about the first artwork she bought, what’s on her inspiration board, and the role art plays in her life.

Founder & Creative Director, Clare Vivier

Portrait of Claire by Louise Bonnet (Image: Claire Vivier)

How do you describe your personal style?

My style is a mix of high and low, contemporary and vintage.

How would you describe your taste in art? What are you most drawn to?

I am drawn to color and abstract paintings. I am lucky to have a best friend who owns a gallery, Heather Taylor of Taylor de Cordoba, to point me in the right direction!

What role does art play in your life?

It inspires my design and brings life to my home and office!

How does art inspire you?

The colors I see, the shapes, and the history, all of it informs my design.

What do you collect?

Simone Shubuck, Frohawk Two Feathers, Louise Bonnet, Jeana Sohn, and Deedee Cheriell, and flea market finds.

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

I would be content with having one of my son’s drawings be my only piece, he is a great artist.

Which artist would you most like to meet?

I would have loved to meet Louise Bourgeois. I heard she held weekly salons full of interesting women, and I would have loved to attend one!

What was the first piece of art you purchased?

A small photograph from a photographer in San Francisco for a couple hundred dollars, which was a lot of money to me at the time. It was of a woman but it was an obstructed view, I loved it.

What does the art in your home say about you?

Most of the art in my home was made by friends. I think that says a lot about how lucky I am to have such creative people in my life!

What was the last museum or gallery you visited?

I visited the Walker Art Center to see Cindy Sherman’s exhibition, it was incredible.

If you could paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, etc. what skill would you most like to possess?

I would love to be able to paint. To be able to zone out and create something would be so nice!

Claire’s Inspiration Board (Image: Claire Vivier)

ϟ Lightning Round ϟ

Abstract or Realism? Abstract

Painting or Photography? Painting

Contemporary or Classic? Contemporary

Color or Black+White? Color

Textured or polished? Textured

Hirst or Hockney? Hockney

Picasso or Pollock? Picasso

Bacon or Basquiat? Bacon

Murakami or Mondrian? Murakami

Los Angeles or New York? Los Angeles

Paris or London? Paris

Tokyo or Berlin? Tokyo

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