Guest Curator

Andrea Stanford of One Kings Lane

We’re thrilled to launch our new Guest Curator series featuring tastemakers from the worlds of design, fashion, art and more.  In this series, we’ll see how art influences their personal style, taste and perspective and learn what role it plays in their lives.

There is no better person to kick off this series than the incredibly smart and stylish Andrea Stanford, the Vice President of Merchandising at One Kings Lane, an online curated sales destination for the home. Prior to One Kings Lane, Andrea was part of the launch team for C Magazine, and spent five years as the design and style editor overseeing the home section.  Read more and take a peek at Andrea’s curated Saatchi Art collection.

(Image: Andrea Stanford)

How do you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style is classic with a touch of the avant garde.

How do you describe the style of your home?

I love a house that is put together – but at the same time looks like people love, live and laugh there! I like editorial shots where beds are unmade and wine glasses are next to a cheese board with just a little bit of everything left. I also love, warm interiors –  but I don’t like too much stuff – a sense of organization with a high regard for design.

What do you collect?

Beautiful things. Things that are hand-crafted, artisanal. I don’t have several of anything – I just love things that seem the best in show!

What can’t you live without?

Well my family of course! But, good wine, cozy blankets and a fireplace in every room. I can live without unnatural lighting.

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

Anything by Gerhard Richter.

Which artist, living or dead would you most like to meet?

Vincent Van Gogh.

What was the first piece of art you purchased? Do you still have it?

It was a black and white photograph of Lake Tahoe where I grew up – and YES!

What is the favorite piece of art that you own?

A piece by Mark Bradford

What does the art in your home say about you?

That I am very open-minded.

What was the last museum / gallery you visited?  What’s next on your list?

The Tate Modern – for the 10th time. I’m off to Mexico City next week!

If you could paint | draw | sculpt | photograph | craft | what skill would you most like to possess?

I would want to paint- something with good layers!

How does art inspire you, your life, and your job?

There is nothing better than looking at a piece of art – and feeling a connection. I love when I see something that makes me connect with a part of myself or my past.

Personal Preferences:

Abstract or Realism?
Mostly Abstract. A good friend of mine once said that he would never have art in his home that featured the face of a person he did not know. I looked around my house the other day and realized that none of my art (photo or other) shows a face.

Painting or Photography? Both.

Museums or Art Galleries? Art Galleries – I love emerging artists.

Contemporary or Classic? Contemporary – for the reason above.

Color or Black+White? BOTH!

Hirst or Hockney? HIRST

Picasso or Pollock? POLLOCK

Bacon or Basquiat? BASQUIAT

Murakami or Mondrian? MURAKAMI

Moma or Met? MOMA

Centre Pompidou or Musee D’Orsay? MUSEE D’ORSAY

Performance art or NOT? I just don’t get it – I’ve tried.

LA or New York? LA of course – I live here!

Paris or London? LONDON

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