Guest Curator

Andrew Berardini Selects His Favorite Works on Saatchi Art

Andrew Berardini is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has published articles and essays in Frieze, Mousse, Fillip, Artforum, X-TRA, Artnet, Paper Monument, Art Review, Rolling Stone, Public Fiction, Modern Painters, Afterall, and regularly contributes to LA Weekly. Recent book projects include a collaboration with Brian Kennon published by 2nd Cannons titled Get In, a monograph on the work of Richard Jackson published by the Rennie Collection, and a contribution to the 2012 Whitney Biennial.

His research focuses on the permeability of imagination and reality, and cultivating the practice of art writing as an aspect of literature. He currently holds positions as Los Angeles Editor for the Milan-based bimonthly art magazine Mousse, is a faculty member at the Mountain School of Arts, and as Deputy Editor for Artslant.

Andrew Berarnini, on his collection for Saatchi Art, “Nowheresville“:

Along rural routes barely numbered and mapped, amidst salted deserts, yeasty farms, meadow glades trampled by wild ponies, always some fearless eccentric sets up shop: Utopian socialists or Transylvanian transexuals, radical libertarians or black magicians, rich weirdos or poor cranks. Amongst the pastures and plains there’s always a little space for dreamers, no matter how dreamy or weird. Fodder for slashers rather than slapstick, way out there in the wilderness hinterlands, the middle of nowhere, there’s certainly room for a gag or two.

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