Guest Curator

Alexandra Champalimaud

We’re thrilled to have designer, Alexandra Champalimaud, guest curating an exclusive collection of art as part of our ongoing Guest Curator series. Read on to discover the role art plays in her life, first piece of art she bought, the artist she’d most like to meet, and the last great exhibition she attended.

(Image: Alexandra Champalimaud)

Inducted into the Platinum Circle for Lifetime Achievement by Hospitality Design magazine and honored as Interior Designer of the Year by Interior Design and Hotels magazine, Alexandra’s work can be seen throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and of course the United States.

Recently completed projects include extensive work with some of America’s most prestigious hotels including the iconic Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills and New York City’s luxurious Carlyle Hotel.  The world famous Waldorf Astoria in New York City is the next icon scheduled to received Alexandra’s special touch.

Of course we were thrilled that Alexandra took time out of her globe trotting schedule to curate a collection for us.

How do you describe your personal style?

Sophisticated, fresh, contemporary with a twist

Tell us what role art plays in your life?

Art is moving and photography in particular always inspires me- the power of the image to tell a story.

What do you collect?

Chinese porcelain of the 18th century, 18th century and other period remarkable fabrics. Photography  by Doug Hall and  Zhou Jun an incredible Chinese photographer.

What was the last museum or gallery you visited?

M and B Gallery in LA, the Getty Villa LA and the Neue gallery in NY

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

Sugimoto waves

Which artist would you most like to meet?

Alex Prager

How does art inspire you, your life, your job?

Art is provocative and forces me to think in different ways- to approach my days differently, use wall coverings, paint and fabric in new ways, we are all always ever evolving and art helps inspire my personal evolution Vieria da Silva oil painting.

What was the first piece of art you purchased?

Vieria da Silva oil painting

What does the art in your home say about you?

Eclectic, strong, multicultural and colorful- every piece has a story

If you could paint, draw, sculpt or photograph what skill would you most like to possess?

I can paint, draw and sing, but I would really love to know how to sculpt.

What’s your preference?

  • Abstract or Realism? Realism
  • Painting or Photography? Painting
  • Museums or Art Galleries? Art galleries
  • Contemporary or Classic? Contemporary
  • Color or black and white? Color
  • Hirst or Hockney? Hirst
  • Picasso or Pollock? Pollock
  • Bacon or Basquiat? Bacon
  • Murakami or Mondrian? Murakami
  • Moma or Met? MoMa
  • LA or New York? both
  • Paris or London? both

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