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The Other Art Cities Detroit Spotlight: Violet Luczak

The Other Art Fair is proud to present The Other Art Cities Detroit Spotlight. A new feature showcasing some of the best emerging talent from around the world. First stop Detroit!

Violet Luczak is a Detroit based artist creating large scale paintings with a distinct style and subject matter. We asked her about her work, being an artist in Detroit and how her practice has evolved over the last six months.

Butter Wouldn’t Melt in Her Mouth, Violet Luczak

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m originally from Chicago and I have spent the past two years in Bloomfield Hills, MI pursuing my Master of Fine Arts at Cranbrook Academy of Art. I recently graduated and am currently participating in the Talking Dolls Summer Residency in Detroit, after which I will be moving back to Chicago to participate in the Chicago Art Department Residency for 2020-2021.

I focus on exploring the intersection of graphic design and fine arts through a mixed media approach. By understanding the history and application of these disciplines, as well as their influences on one another, I am provided a platform to experiment with new concepts.

I work within both digital and physical spaces, ideating through vectorized sketches then transforming them into highly detailed, hand-drawn paintings. As each painting manifests on a panel, I continuously return to and edit the original digital sketches until they most accurately represent my vision. This back and forth process, from screen to wooden panel, allows for new conceptual and formal designs to develop that would not otherwise exist.

What are you inspired by at the moment?

Lately I have found myself inspired by youth who are engaging in social activism and using their energy to battle the injustices they have seen. This has encouraged me to more actively engage in my community outside of just my studio practice. By joining various grassroots organizations and surrounding myself with like minded progressive creatives, I have learned new ways to make artwork that can create change outside of gallery walls.

Drink Milk or Your Arms Will Fall Off, Violet Luczak

Graduating with an MFA amidst a global pandemic is a surreal experience to say the least. Having a solid support system here in Detroit has proven critical for my success as an artist.

What are some of the best things about art in Detroit/ being an artist in Detroit?

It all comes down to the people. The Detroit art community is strong, consisting of hard-working, dedicated and passionate artists. The community I have found in Detroit constantly encourages and challenges me. Without these artists, I wouldn’t have had the strength or perseverance to push away my fears and anxieties and put my practice first. Graduating with an MFA amidst a global pandemic is a surreal experience to say the least. Having a solid support system here in Detroit has proven critical for my success as an artist.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a series of large acrylic paintings that focus on women for my upcoming solo show in Detroit, MI 2021. Follow @violet_luczak_design for updates

How has your practice shifted over the last 6 months?

Over the past six months I have graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art, quarantined in my apartment while working from home, and moved into a new studio space in Detroit. Although this time has been challenging, it has provided a moment for self reflection. Amidst graduate school, it can be difficult to find time to step back and look at your practice as a whole. I realized that the way I was working encouraged isolation and since then, I have been actively pushing back against this realization. My way of working is now evolving into a more collaborative, community focused practice and I am excited to see where this takes me next.

The Detroit Artist Spotlight is first in The Other Art Fair’s Other Cities Series. The series aims to showcase some of the best emerging artists in undiscovered art hubs to our global platform, providing exposure to these up and coming stars and bringing collectors and buyers from around the world to new destinations.