Inside the Studio

Michele Senesi

Favorite material to work with?
I do not have a favorite material to work with. Everything can be used to achieve a purpose. I often work with brushes and colors. I am currently working with oil sticks, but I have worked with paper, wood, plastic, and iron, as well.

How many years as an artist?
Five years. I started my life as a musician, but I have always been in love with painting.

What themes do you pursue?
The expression of myself—not for ego, but by necessity. Each of us, in our own way of life, accumulates experiences, sorrows, joys, and fantasies. I try to throw all this on the canvas. Sometimes I learn something new about myself in the process. I like to change my style, but keep the same quality of work. This is very difficult to do, and is something Alberto Burri succeeded in doing.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
“Feel free to experiment.” Pollock was a free thinker and experimenter. I want to work in that direction.

Where is your studio?
My studio is at my mother-in-law’s house. I recently bought a new house, and I think I’ll move my studio there.

Art school or self-taught?
I took private lessons for a while, but I’m mainly self-taught. Someone once told me,“Hey man, I can teach you the technique, but not the talent.” I do not know if I’m talented, but I’m curious to learn.

Do you prefer to work with music or in silence?
With music, but sometimes silence is necessary to think.

Where can we find you outside of the studio?
At a concert, playing music with my band, at an exhibition, or with my family.

If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you do?
I really don’t know.

Favorite contemporary artist?
I do not have a favorite artist. I really love the post-war American Abstract Expressionism movement, but if you asked me who is the last genius, I would reply Picasso or Mirò. They have influenced subsequent generations for a long time and are influential even now. If you ask me who is inimitable, I would reply Rauschenberg. Then I think that Angel Otero could have a great future.

What do you collect?
Books on art.

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?
This is too difficult a question to answer!

Who are your favorite writers?
Pedro Salinas.

Is painting dead?
Painting will never die! I think that in the history of the world, painting is the ultimate expression of humanity and its passage on earth. Painting is the highest form of art, the oldest and the most modern. You can find an entire universe within each single image or discover many others at the same time.

Favorite brush?
Anything is good. Anything can be perfect.

Palette knifes?

Monet or Manet?
Monet and Manet! They are masters of painting. I recently visited an exhibition of Manet in Venice. It was incredible!