Inside the Studio

Cheolyu Kim’s Visions of Outer Space

What are the major themes you pursue in your work?

I am kind of obsessed with outer space (astronomical physics), where we never reached before. I spent a lot of time to think and imagine about it. It’s not political and social, it’s very personal theme of myself.

How did you first get interested in your medium, and what draws you to it specifically?

There is a lot of abstract images in my work, that mostly comes from my research and dreams. I manage all of images and build landscapes with it.

How has your style and practice changed over the years?

Hard to say, but I draw very new images on every new work. It may look similar to each but there are new images, details, stories and locations.

Can you walk us through your process? Do you begin with a sketch, or do you just jump in? How long do you spend on one work? How do you know when it is finished?

I draw whole views in my mind first, then I just start with it. Also, I fix and change it during the progress. Normally it takes two or four weeks to finish to one work.

Prefer to work with music or silence?

Work with music – blues and jazz. Eric Clapton.

Who are your favorite writers?

Murakami Haruki, his writing is between surreal and reality in his books and I’m very in to it.

About the Author

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