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Meet the Saatchi Art 2017 Spring Catalog Artists

This season, we’re thrilled to present these six emerging Saatchi Art artists. From pop art to contemporary landscapes to minimalist abstracts, their work is as diverse as it is exciting. While each artist has several featured artworks in our 2017 Spring Catalog, there are many more works for you to discover by exploring their portfolios. Read on to learn a bit more about each artist and click the links below to browse more of their artworks.

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art (now a part of Central St. Martins, UAL) in London, but now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Charlotte believes her works are based on “some small reality” on things both seen and remembered where threads of narrative emerge. “Unlike photos, memories, like repeatedly retold tales, distort and become exaggerated over time. Colours become more vivid, sounds brighter, smells sweeter. Images and memories combine and new worlds emerge, finished paintings idealized versions of where I began,” she says. View Charlotte’s portfolio.

Daniel Mullen

Daniel Mullens paintings are illusions. They concern expectations versus reality. He is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, by architecture and by technology. Yet, he doesn’t employ any technological methods to assist in the creation of his work. Daniel is a devoted craftsman and he believes that hand crafting the work to emulate illusion and reproducibility is more compelling than using a mechanical counterpart.  View Daniel’s portfolio. 

Hennie Van De Lande

“To paint is very meaningful to me in multiple aspects: it enlightens me in dark times, it strengthens me in weak times, it answers my problems in difficult times, it comforts me in sad times,” says Hennie Van De Lande. “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU LOOK AT THAT MATTERS, IT’S WHAT YOU SEE,” a quote found on her business card, illustrates Hennie’s view of art. She is able to let go of her own meaning of her artwork and let the viewer create their own.  View Hennie’s portfolio.

János Huszti

“Can things be deprived of their origins?” A challenging portraitist and emerging creator with a conceptual thought process, Huszti elaborates his constantly changing topics with momentum and precision. He depicts historical times, special characters and places from the past, using all kinds of materials to express his interpretations. In addition he is also interested in contemporary street art. His art consists of attributing new origins to things thus establishing new relations. View János’s portfolio.

Sanja Milenkovic

Sanja Milenkovic’s inspiration comes from different scenes and situations in real life. The majority of her urban and almost conceptual paintings is a research of her memory and how snapshots shape, change and create. “I like the moment when the painting is changing and suddenly there is a perfect disorder and some imaginary conversation between the people'” says Sanja. She believes sensitivity is revealed in the ability to perceive the condition of nature and it translate into images and consonants colors. View Sanja’s portfolio.

Thomas Gromas

Thomas Gromas’ bold relief sculptures depict what he calls a “fake reality”. The works center on text and phrases that explore desire in contemporary culture such as “more,” “once 96 upon a time,” and “happily every after”. Inspired by the effects of the inundation of media, advertisements, and politics in society, Thomas aims to capture a perpetual feeling of longing, monumentalizing it with bright color, large scale, and repetition. “There’s always something we’re wishing for. We’re always looking for more. The repetition of words, text, and fairy tale quotes re ect how we try so hard to live the life we dream of without really knowing where we go,” he says. View Thomas’ portfolio.

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