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How to Start Buying and Investing in Art: Part 1

Caught art collecting fever? You’re not alone. People have been drawn to buying art for centuries, whether it be to surround themselves with works they love or for investment potential.

The wealthy Medici family is well-known for their patronage of the arts during the Renaissance. They commissioned works by emerging talents of the time, an interest that further allowed the arts to flourish during this period. The Medicis were a banking family, and as such were also concerned with the potential financial benefits of art investment. They were able to secure works by the likes of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, who later became canonical figures in the history of art. Today, the Medicis’ copious art collection forms a large part of the Uffizi Gallery’s collection in Florence.

But you don’t need to be a Medici or a seasoned art collector to enjoy the cultural and financial benefits of art investment today. Art has become much more accessible to a wider audience in the digital age. While brick-and-mortar galleries can be a bit intimidating, the internet has created more opportunities for collectors from all backgrounds to take the plunge into art investment. With information about artists and their works only a click away, the internet has become the advent of a new age of art collecting for those interested in hanging art on the walls or amassing a collection of works.

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