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3 Photographs Too Dangerous to Photograph—Unless You’re Jin-Woo Prensena

Taking photos with Jin-Woo Prensena is not for the faint of heart.

Best known for his large-scale aerial images, fine art photographer Jin-Woo Prensena has a passion for shooting massive photographs under challenging conditions.

Want to team up with this daredevil photographer? You and a lucky plus one can go on the adventure of a lifetime: a private helicopter tour along the Southern California coast with Prensena. On the 120-minute ride, you’ll find the picture-perfect view for the artist to capture and for you to hang in your home or office. And did we mention you’ll also enjoy three nights at a beach-front hotel? This one-of-a-kind experience is part of 3 extravagant holiday gifts tailor-made for someone who has it all.

1. Glacial Riverbeds in the Icelandic Highlands

If there is a middle of nowhere, it would be the Icelandic Highlands. Spanning around 40,000 km, the sparsely inhabited plateau holds 10 glaciers, 20 active volcanoes, and 16 geothermal areas. In this remote no man’s land, Prensena captured the stunning color of ancient glacial riverbeds.

2. Great White Sharks Deep in the Pacific

After journeying several days into the Pacific Ocean, Prensena dove into shark-infested waters.

3. High above Whistler’s Backcountry

Documenting travel on a monumental scale requires advanced digital cameras, equipment, and, of course, a helicopter. Dizzy yet?


About Jin-Woo Prensena

As I strap myself into safety gear and literally hang out of helicopters, there are many variables I must juggle to get the perfect shot. There is also something exciting and special about shooting live up in the air with the elements and I think it reflects in my work. There is a real connection between me and my image. (“Exclusive Interview with Jin-Woo Prensena”)

Jin-Woo Prensena is a South Korean artist who was raised in Germany. He has had solo shows at Tokyo Gallery+BTAP in Tokyo and at 45 Park Lane hotel in Mayfair, London, and has been featured on CNN and in The Wall Street Journal. His photograph of Capri, Italy has also graced the cover of National Geographic Traveler. Learn how Jin-Woo gets the perfect shot in his exclusive interview with Saatchi Art.