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#TOAFtakeover: Victoria Young-Jamieson

Welcome to #TOAFtakeover, an Instagram series that gives you an insight into the work and life of our artists.

‘Good morning TOAF followers! I am your artist Victoria Young-Jamieson for Takeover Tuesday and will be showing you an insight into my practice for the entire day! Enjoy.’

‘Here’s a close detail of one of my paintings – My work involves experimenting with colour, creating texture, introducing mixed perspectives and forming a composition that usually represent landscapes.’

‘I’ve been working on some pieces for The Other Art Fair in London in March. Circular abstract landscapes based on the Scottish highlands. You can see more of the series on my insta @victoriayj.’

‘As well as painting in-situ I also photograph landscapes using disposable cameras. I love the vibrancy of colours and the stillness that using film creates. These become the starting point.’

‘Throwback to my favourite paintings hanging in the London show last September. Had such a fun time! Can’t wait for the next one.’

‘There’s just too many close up photos on my phone to choose from, I’m constantly snapping to record the results of the ink and mediums mixing together. Here’s one of my most recent paintings.’

‘My work is hugely influenced (if you haven’t guessed already) by coastlines and seascapes. Particularly the coastline of Cornwall where I grew up. This is a series based on Watergate Bay that I am also working on at the moment.’

‘Finished paintings drying up in the sunshine and waiting to be framed.’

‘Handing back controls to the professionals see you In London next month!! The above was taken after a week in the Lake District doing a commission for charity Brathayall to sell at their auction. Over and out.’

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