The Others

The Power Of Crowds: New Work from Delphine Lebourgeois

After successful shows at many editions of the fair, we are delighted that Delphine Lebourgeois returns this April 2015 to launch a new body of work titled “The Girl Has A Gun”.


“I am interested in the power of crowds.

Since 2010, I have drawn army-like groups of people, mainly groups of women, who first acted as a metaphor for self representation, illustrating the struggle of working and surviving as an artist.

However, with the series “The Girl has a Gun” (2014/2015), the subject matter naturally expanded to the study of a crowd’s behaviour, be it is guarding and protective or, on the contrary, menacing and harmful.

The drawings, created with a fine pen and later coloured with transparent inks, are detailed and layered as if to underline the chaotic complexity of a crowd’s psychology.

Bodies are replicated and organised in a geometrical way, but heads and expressions are unique, allowing ideas such as conformism and peer pressure, solidarity and belonging to be conveyed.”


“In “Flight”, the central couple is at peace while people are fighting all around them… It is as if an invisible shield is protecting them from the battle. This notion of peace versus war is a common dynamic in my images. Although chaos is unavoidable, I like the idea of creating a sanctuary where calm and safety can be restored.

Images can also be armours.”