The Other Art Fair

The French Escape We All Need.

Hop, skip and jump into the energy-filled world of abstract artist Charlie French, whose extraordinary talent and unique perspective shine through his large-scale paintings. Influenced by the ever-changing seasons, French’s latest series, set to be revealed at our upcoming Summer Session in London, vividly captures the essence of the winter-spring-summer transition. The selected color palette provides a healthy bowl of optimism and escapism, transporting you to the seaside or vast floral fields. 

In our sit-down Q&A you’ll learn that French finds immense joy in the act of creating, while also channeling his energy towards charitable endeavors that uplift and support the neurodivergent community. A refreshing story that we can’t wait to share with you…

Hi Charlie! We’re beyond thrilled to be showcasing your work at The Other Art Fair. Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be an artist?

CF: I have always loved painting, and in my early 20s took classes and worked with art tutors in their studios. I began to paint everyday at home, and after a few years I told my family “I am an artist. It’s my job. I call it art for dollars. I paint almost every day in my studio, and sell my art all over the world. I love what I do!!!

We’d love to know about the series of work that you’ll be showing. Please can you tell us about the process and meaning behind these works?

CF: I have a skylight in my studio here in Camden Town. This past winter I would look up at the sky, and everything was very grey and rainy. It seemed like spring was taking a long time. Every day I chose the same color palette, and this series is based on waiting. Knowing spring is coming, but not yet. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week. Yes, it will come. And until then, we wait. It is a hopeful series – it is Almost Spring. Skies may be grey, but the flowers and colors are on their way. You just have to believe.

Above: in the deep, dark fathoms. Charlie French. 60 x 60. £1250

You speak a lot on your social media about how much joy creating art brings you. Do you try to show these emotions in the paintings themselves? 

CF: Oh yes! I think I do. I love color. Green is my favorite. And then blue. But also pink. Happy colors. When I feel happy and joyful, I do want to share that happiness with the world. And often I chose color to do that. But also the tools. The mark making can really show my joy: big scrapers, round brushes or even tiny brushes and palette knives. Sometimes I choose my colors and tools based on how I feel. And I want people to see that. And smile!

Finally, we’d love to hear about all the incredible charity work you’ve done through your creative career! Please tell… 

CF: Giving back. It’s important to me. I donate a lot of art to non-profits. Especially to charities supporting individuals with Down syndrome like me. This year alone my art has raised over $10k to charities. I want everyone to be loved and given opportunities in life. Charities that do that speak to me, and so I give. My art brings me so much happiness, I hope it helps others too.