The Others

Sydney: Feature Artist Jo White

In the run up to the inaugural edition of The Other Art Fair Melbourne, we’re taking a look back at some of our Sydney artists and how they’ve been doing since the last Australian edition in October.

Jo White was chosen as one of the emerging artists to take part in The Other Art Fair Sydney 2016. A contemporary painter, Jo takes most of her inspiration from her life and surroundings in rural New South Wales. Jo took some time to tell us more about her work and her experience at The Other Art Fair.

How did you find showing your work at the fair in Sydney?

The Other Art Fair was my first big show as an artist. I loved meeting all the fabulous people who visited the fair and broadening my collector base. It was such a great environment to be in with so many extraordinary and creative types… making such great new friends was the icing on the cake from the fair. I’d love to be back in 2017.

Have any conversations with people from the fair or people’s reactions to your work inspired any new directions for you?

My art is colourful and happy and inspired by the stories of our past, in particular my family. The reaction on visitors’ faces and seeing the smiles broaden as they so obviously linked the pieces to their own memories was a great privilege.

Your paintings are very much inspired by your life in rural New South Wales. Has that always been the case for your work?

I love my life, my family and where I live and I think that is reflected in the works I paint. I love working with what’s around me.

What have you found interests your viewers and buyers most about your work?

There is a uniquely Australian feel to my work as well as a sense of nostalgia… this is probably the most consistent remark I hear in response to my work. I’m happy with that; it’s a lovely compliment to be able to evoke those feelings from an audience.

Have you got any new projects planned for the New Year?

Next year is already looking to be a busy one and I’m pleased to say I’ve been given a number of opportunities in 2017. My priorities right now are my first solo exhibition with Michael Reid early in the year and an invitation to a Regional gallery group show. 

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