The Others

New York: Fair Artist Richard Conti builds geometric 3D artworks from his photographs

How would you describe your work?

I focus on communicating through my photography and design an iconoclastic point of view that is not literal, as it involves the framing and composition of the images. Every image, it’s interplay with the next one, it’s details. I often stop to ponder the stills, often ignored; beauty of light enhancing materials, and its effect on color, allows me to stop to play with the possibilities of familiar forms, colors and light that transform each of our moments and that without us even realizing it, take part in the film of each of our lives.

How did you get started making art?

My career in design and being a creative director from an advertising agency, together with my passion for architecture, photography and geometry gave me the vision to find a new meaning in everyday forms, in all that surrounds us, and these awakened my need to develop my very own creations.

What inspires you and your art?

The ignored world around us, inspires me. The possibility to capture infinite images, sketching and playing with the elements that I get through my lens, and the capacity to be able to morph them into unique permutations, that are ultimately mine, and that I can share with those who are open to see beyond.

What can we expect to see at The Other Art Fair?

I’m preparing a fresh new collection called ‘8bit-World’ that will debut at The Other Art Fair NY.
In this series I depict classic icons from popular culture, immersed in Bits within my chosen Worlds. Here each of the photographs that make up each work, complement each other and coexist organically in space. I interplay with photographic & design skills, use the light and its effect on color, to generate the tri-dimensionality, minimalism and enigmatic feeling I want the spectator to experiences while engaging with my work and invite him to discover endless possibilities.

Meet Richard Conti alongside 110 emerging artists at The Other Art Fair New York June 1-4. Book tickets online now.