The Other Art Fair

New Year, New Art

As we dive headfirst into a brand new year, what better resolution than to freshen up our living spaces with one-of-a-kind art that drops jaws and paves the way for interesting conversations around the dinner table? At The Other Art Fair, we’ve had the pleasure for over a decade of showcasing the works of artists who are not just thinking outside the box but are crafting entirely new ones. So hang tight for the ultimate hangover cure that promises to take you to uncharted territories.

(Above: Steven Rahbany)

Steven Rahbany: The Pillow Whisperer

Nestled in the creative hub of Los Angeles, Steven Rahbany is reinventing the art of storytelling with his hand-sewn pillow technique. With a background in graphic design, Rahbany seamlessly blends typography and memories, creating a nostalgic tapestry that tackles both the past and present issues. Who knew pillows could be so profound?

(Above: Emily Herrera)

Emily Herrera: The Master of Illusion

Meet Emily Herrera, the magician of West Coast art fairs. Her 3-Dimensional abstract acrylic cylinders are not just artworks; they are experiences. Inspired by the play of light and color within the unique geometry of cylinders, Herrera’s creations refract and glow as you move around them. Hang them in any shape or distance apart to create your very own visual symphony.

(Above: Zhiheng Gong)

Zhiheng Gong: Crafting Resilience in Wood

Zhiheng Gong’s sculptures are more than meets the eye. Crafted from steam-bent wood, they not only represent the artist’s exploration of resilience and adaptability but also embody his personal narratives. Each piece tells a story, not just through form but through the very material it’s composed of.

(Above: Jan van Schaik)

Jan van Schaik: Lost Tablets, Found Imagination

Melbourne-based artist Jan van Schaik takes us on a journey of architectural exploration with his series, Lost Tablets. These sculptural objects, direct-printed on aluminum, become abstract mini-monuments. The diptych presentation offers a dynamic face alongside the sheer face of the original object, creating a visually stunning narrative that’s as intriguing as it is beautiful.

(Above: Studio Reset)

Studio Reset: Beehive to Artwork Magic

Hailing from the picturesque Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, Studio Reset is not just an artist but an encaustic wizard. From harvesting wax from her beehives to creating the medium and painting with it on up-cycled substrates, her work is a testament to total creative control and sustainability. It’s not just art; it’s a journey from beehive to masterpiece.

(Above: SOICHU)

SOICHU: Sacred Shapes and Silent Messages

SOICHU invites you into a world of pure spiritual shapes inspired by sacred trees. Collected bark, untouched and natural, forms the basis of his creations, each carrying messages of the mind-body-spirit trilogy. With affirmations, the artwork itself, and a meditation guide, SOICHU’s pieces are a holistic experience, a silent observation that speaks volumes.

(Above: Sasi Kladpetch)

Sasi Kladpetch: Nature’s Whisperer in Concrete and Moss

Sasi Kladpetch, a multimedia artist based in San Francisco, brings nature back to urban living. Her sculptural works, composed of moss, concrete, and resin, uncover the hidden beauty of nature amidst the chaos of city life. Having exhibited at multiple The Other Art Fair’s globally, Kladpetch’s creations are an intriguing step into the delicate balance between urbanity and the natural world.


As we usher in the new year, why not consider investing in art that not only adorns your walls but also sparks conversations and ignites imaginations? These artists at The Other Art Fair are not just creators; they are visionaries redefining the very essence of art. So, let’s make 2024 the year of new perspectives, fresh narratives, and, of course, new art!