The Other Art Fair

New Futures: Los Angeles Spring Class of ’22

Back for its sophomore year, the New Futures program aids our mission to reject elitism and break down traditional barriers of the contemporary art world by offering assistance to trailblazing up-and-coming artists. This includes free exhibition space at The Other Art Fair along with access to mentorship opportunities designed to jump-start their careers.

Recipients are chosen in collaboration with art world experts and local creative partners to bring their respective talents and differing perspectives. We are delighted to partner with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® for our U.S. Fairs to further amplify the program and provide additional collaboration opportunities.

Please welcome our Los Angeles Spring 2022 New Futures recipients:

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson is a photographer, author, speaker and community activist. His novel, Metamorphosis of a Heart, chronicles his journey as an HIV+ gay man who has experienced homelessness, depression and sexual assault. Greg has found that overcoming these barriers has inspired him to find “Healing through Art,” or what he calls “heART.” Using his book as a tool to inspire power, Greg has facilitated workshops and trainings within schools and community organizations to promote wellness and “heART.” Once a person who needed guidance and access to resources, Greg says that part of his purpose now is to be a bridge in the gap for the community.

Check out more of Greg’s work on Instagram.

Anna Sagan

Anna Sagan is an abstract artist and woodworker, passionate about making beautiful pieces of art that evoke authentic and compelling feelings. Her intuitive and color-driven practice combines her love of maximalist and eclectic design. A self-taught artist, Anna’s practice developed after a series of traumatic events left her heartbroken, jobless and in financial ruin. What she thought was the end was actually the beginning to a new found love in making artwork with her hands. She uses her craft in woodworking and mixed media to showcase the many important life lessons she’s learned.

Check out more of Anna’s work here and follow her on Instagram: @annasaganart

Bourn Rich

Bourn Rich is mural and canvas painter as well as street artist. Born in Inner City Chicago to a young couple in their early twenties, Rich’s art is deeply infused by early childhood experiences revolving around sports leagues, the LA graffiti, hip-hop and skateboarding scene, and the tragic break up of his parents that left him to be “the little man of the house.” His work regularly includes subtle images and symbols reflective of this formative period, and reflects his diverse interests, unusual life experiences, and deeply founded ideals. As a result, his perspective is translated into visual imagery that is vibrant and touching. Bourn Rich has also devoted his time traveling the world teaching kids and at-risk youth how to become artists helping them to reimagine a better life.

Check out more of Bourn Rich’s work on Instagram.

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