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Meet The Others: Katie Eraser

The Game Changers. The Rule Breakers. The Innovators. Discover some of the fantastic emerging talent showcasing their work at The Other Art Fair.

How would you describe your artwork?

A chaotic collision of beamingly bright colours that slash and soothe in equal measure.

What does making art mean to you?

I’m not sure there are many things that I feel so passionately about, maybe just two or three. Making work is the action that comes most naturally to me, the one thing that isn’t forced or contrived. It’s simply an exponentially important part of the life I want to live and my happiness.

How did you get started making art?

I guess I just never left it! When you’re a kid, art is this extension of ‘play’ that is used for expression and creativity, and I think if that feeling is something you connect with when you’re young, it just never leaves your psyche. When I’m making something my mind clears and a certain feeling of freedom permeates the space, I’m content and energised, and experience a version of joy that you first feel as a kid.

What is it like to be a part of The Other Art Fair?

Such a buzz! What a treat to be included in such an illustrious, talented bunch of artists. There was certainly a real chemistry in the air. I really enjoyed chatting to the public too, I had some super interesting conversations. The group of artists I showed near, were all such gems, there was a real camaraderie between us. My booth neighbour, Gerwyn Davies, really made it the best experience – he’s also ridiculously talented check him out!

What is your favourite piece for sale on your Saatchi Art profile and why?

‘Soft Plodded Points’ is my favourite piece up on Saatchi Art at the moment. I love the simplicity of the shapes assembled, and of course the heady use of that divine blush pink! This shade shone itself into every piece in my ‘Perfection isn’t beautiful, Destruction is beautiful’ body of work, and I really couldn’t get enough of it.

Katie Eraser | ‘Soft Plodded Points |

The Other Art Fair will return to the Australian Technology Park in Sydney from March 22nd – 25th 2018
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