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Meet The Others: Kate Baker

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Kate Baker’s artwork represents the human body in a unique way by capturing figurative outlines in layers of glass. In an interview from The Other Art Fair Sydney in October, Kate describes how satisfying it feels when she finally finishes creating a piece out of such a demanding medium.


How would you describe your artwork?

My work is essentially figurative although in essence it is really referring to our emotional and psychological experience as humans, manifested in the abstraction of the body.

What does making art mean to you?

Making art is my way of experiencing life in a deeper and more considered way. Exploring life through art is for me a way of transcending the ordinary and exploring spaces that are often thought about in everyday life.

How did you get started making art?

I loved all things artistic since I was in late primary school, this just increased as I got older until I was just obsessed with the arts generally. When I graduated from high school all I wanted to do was go to art school and get working. I never really looked back….

What is it like to be a part of The Other Art Fair?

The Other Art Fair represents a shift in the way the art world operates into a more contemporary framework that embraces the global and fluid nature of the art market in 2017. Historically commercial galleries have been the gate keepers of what is offered to the public as worthy of sale. Modern technology, social media and initiatives such as TOAF open the doors for artists and appreciators, allowing artists and people to connect directly.

What is your favourite piece for sale on your SA profile and why?

Untitled Triptych Flux, $9000, 39.4H x 39.4W

My larger Untitled (Flux) Triptych of three abstracted portraits of a male torso in ‘flux’ is one of my favourite works as it has such a presence when installed all together in an open space. I would love to see that work homed in a grand foyer or architectural space as it has a real presence and a very expansive feel.

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