The Others

Meet The Others: Eva Cremers

The Game Changers. The Rule Breakers. The Innovators. Discover some of the fantastic emerging talent showcasing their work at The Other Art Fair’s Virtual Editions.

Once you see the designs of artist Eva Cremers, you won’t forget them. Find out what drives her cheeky, playful signature style, and stay tuned for an interactive tool that will let you tap into your own creativity inside Eva’s world.

We are beyond excited to be working with you Eva on our inaugural Virtual Editions! To start with, please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into illustration and animation…

I’m so excited too! I am a Dutch 3D illustrator and animator with a playful cheeky style. I studied International Business for 2 years before switching to the Art Academy where I studied Graphic Design. I’ve interned at SNASK (Stockholm) and Man VS Machine (London) and started freelancing afterwards in 2018! Things have been snowballing ever since and I feel so lucky to have worked for the likes of Nike, Samsung, Apple and the New York Times amongst others. I actually never thought I was going to work in 3D at all! When I was asked to intern at MVSM as an art director, they asked me to learn some 3D basics to understand their workflow (as they create the most insane 3D stuff!). I actually got so into 3D, I never wanted to stop learning new techniques. I started sharing random things on my Instagram page and the rest is history!

You have an outstanding portfolio, working with some of the most renowned global brands and publications. Which projects are you most proud of and passionate about?

I’m really proud of my work for Nike, as it was the first full campaign I’ve been working on. It was such a tight turnaround but with a super creative team that really wanted 100% Eva world. Also a recent project I did in Hong Kong was a real dream project. For Harbour City, a huge shopping mall, I first created around 10 happy Christmas characters. They then turned those characters into huge fiberglass sculptures and placed them around the mall for people to take pictures with, it looked so fun! Too bad I wasn’t able to visit!

How have the events of this unanticipated year influenced your practice (if at all)?

They haven’t really! If anything, I’ve never been busier! At the start of the year I was pretty scared not much would happen, but luckily projects started to come in in April again. At the start of COVID, companies needed to find a new way of working too, with a full staff working from home. Obviously a lot of live action shoots on sets had to be canceled, so working in CGI was an advantage for me! During the second lockdown, I actually moved to a different city and we turned one of the rooms into a lovely office. Such a nice place to work and it separates work from my daily life!

Tell us about the characters you create, how did they evolve over time? Do you give the characters names and personalities?

My characters are always fun and happy! Sometimes more like a monster, sometimes more humanoid. I think the main change over time is that they get more and more detail, as I learn more and more features of the program. At first it just started with blobs and some added eyes and a mouth. I now like to really build a character that people can relate to or that puts a smile on peoples faces! I sometimes do give my characters names and personalities! Overall I think they do reflect a bit of me: most of them are happy, clumsy and not too serious!

Your work is fun, quirky, otherworldly and addictive. Where do you source inspiration from, for your characters and colour palette for example?

From a lot of things, really! I love seeing old cartoons, as those expressions and movements are often so funny and slightly over the top. Old vinyl toys are also a great source of character inspiration!
I also love seeing different kinds of people walking around in the city on a Saturday, especially those with remarkable items: funny hats, boots, big hair, you name it. And I have some huge Pinterest boards with all sorts of creative work, 2D and 3D! 

Finally, please tell us what we can expect from your exciting ‘Happy Character’ feature for our Virtual Editions!

A lot of fun! You’ll be able to create your own character! You can play around with different bodies and add all sorts of things such as mouths, arms, legs, eyes, hats, you name it! When you’re happy with your own creature, you can save and share it. I can’t wait to see the results!