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Meet The Others: Carla Foster

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Carla Foster paints a range of subjects in her bold and colorful works. Carla describes her own work as, “focus(ing) on capturing the inner being, while attempting to bypass biases and predetermined ideas.” Read on below to learn more about Carla’s work and her experience at The Other Art Fair Melbourne in May 2017.

How would you describe your artwork?

I would describe my work as oil sketch portraiture.  Although I do use more paint in some of my works, the aim is always to convey as much as I can with as little paint as possible, especially on the figures.  I attempt to describe some of the person as a whole, not trying to make an exact likeness of an person but more of an impression.

What does making art mean to you?

Making art gives me the opportunity to study people and try to find that “thing” they keep hidden. I aim to peel back the layers of what people put on themselves to be more socially acceptable. In doing so, I mostly find vulnerability. It’s very sad that most people have learnt to hide that, but often there’s hidden strength that’s surprising in such a “package.” I’m always working on capturing the essential part of person without over describing, incorporating realism without aiming for an exact likeness.

How did you get started making art?

I started making art at school and then learned a bunch of useful skills at Uni doing a fine arts degree. Long before my art training, I’ve been making (and unmaking) stuff. It must have something to do with an insatiable curiosity.

What is it like to be a part of The Other Art Fair?

Being part of The Other Art Fair is fantastic. The chance to meet other artists is priceless and the amount of learning you glean by talking to others is so valuable. I feel as if I’ve grown as an artist just by talking to other artists about their work – the connections in my brain just fired off. I spent 2 weeks in the studio after the Fair playing around and trying out different ideas.  Talking to the buyers was much easier than I anticipated – I felt a bit daunted by the prospect of standing in front of your work whilst others come by and openly look.  I don’t know why, but that felt like it would be harder to do than it was.  People are generally lovely and it was an invigorating experience.

What is your favorite piece for sale on your Saatchi Art profile and why?

My favorite piece for sale is David Bowie.  It’s a painting that came together during a composite parts exercise and I’ve loved it from the start.  I like the way I painted it, and some of the problem solving that went on is rather excellent if I can say so myself. Other than that, it looks great in my lounge room and I just love it!

Carla Foster, ‘Ode to Schiele’, Painting, 59.1 H x 40.2 W, $4350

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