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Meet The Others: Benjamin Parker

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Benjamin Parker’s paintings, drawings and prints explore relationships between humankind and nature. Describing his own work as creating ‘modern fossils’, viewers are drawn to Benjamin’s simple but stunning art to explore the subject matter further.



How would you describe your artwork?

I would describe my work as the creation of ‘modern fossils’. Physically, I use natural materials to create layers of historical information and objects that are surrounded by the mystery and magic associated with the discovery of an ancient artefact. Conceptually, I am interested in the idea of ‘man the animal’ and our pursuit to distance ourselves from our animal nature. In particular, I examine the constructs developed to create the illusion of humankind’s dominance or ownership over our environment: from scientific classification and exploration to religious division, from evolution through man-made selection to rituals of ownership through ‘naming’.

What does making art mean to you?

Making art is my way of communicating and a physical by-product of questioning. I do not address right or wrong, but ask questions about other people’s answers, in the knowledge that we do not understand. I try to use the drive of wonderment to explain harmonies and paradoxes in the world I see, with honesty and imposed naivety.

How did you get started making art?

Like everyone else, I started when I was born. Art is just my form of communication. Any way we respond to and change the world around us is art.

What is it like to be a part of The Other Art Fair?

It is great to be part of a vibrant community, where everyone can learn, exchange ideas and collaborate. I love everyone’s enthusiasm and energy.

What is your favourite piece for sale on your SA profile and why?

This is a very difficult question for me because my favourite piece is always the next one, the one I have yet to make. At the moment I am working on the idea of mankind using nature for its own purposes and dominating it: my Utilitas series is about that. 

Meet Benjamin Parker and more at The Other Art Fair on 30 March – 2 April in Bloomsbury’s stunning Victoria House. Book tickets now.