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Meet the Others: Andrzej Szymczyk

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The Other Art Fair London exhibitor Andrzej Szymczyk’s sculpture is founded in hyperrealism in both human and animal forms which he then blends with varying degrees of expressive interpretation.

Tell us about who you are and what you do. What is your background? 

I am a sculptor, specialising in figurative bronze sculpture. I studied Fine Art and Sculpture in Poland and in the U.K. I have Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Faculty of Sculpture.

If you could describe your work in 3 words, what would they be? 

Andrzej Szymczyk Sculpture

Can you walk us through your process? How do you know when an artwork finished? 

When an idea sparks in my head I first draw sketch-notes and study the object. I get excited and quickly move on to sculpture. After the sculpting is completed I move on to technical process of moulding, casting and finishing the bronze.
There are two finishing stages in producing a sculpture. First – the most important one – is difficult to judge. It is the creative process of sculpting stage. Often I battle in my head, but am usually inclined to expression than other more mesurable values such as anatomical accuracy etc.

The second finishing stage is the technical one. Long and laborious process of moulding and casting and finally arriving in patina. It is easier to judge as the original clay sculpture is the reference.

Has being in isolation affected your artwork practice in any way? 

I spent lockdown working in solitude and managed to produce whole new collection of sculptures. I had no social distractions, that had its downsides, but also plenty of time to create. Overall it was very enriching period for my art leading to significant increase of interest in my art.

What is the best advice given to you as an artist?

I was not good at taking advice and am struggling to recall any particular one that would stood out. I wish was more attentive and listening.

Can you tell us something about you that people would be surprised to hear?

I am planning to escape the western way of living and move to Madagascar. There I wish to reconnect with nature and evolve my art. I’d continue living and creating there.

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