The Others

Infinite Perspectives: Will Teather

Fair artist Will Teather invites us to preview his new collection Infinite Perspectives ahead of their unveiling at The Other Art Fair April 2015.

“I chose The Other Art Fair for the London launch of my new series “Infinite Perspectives”. These works follow on from a long period of research that enabled me to create three-dimensional paintings on globes and unusually formed canvases. The paintings employ an innovative type of inverted perspective, that gives a 360 degree view of a space – with both the perspective and the representation slyly shifting, depending on which point you look at them.”


“The origins of this work lie in magical realism. A lot of my work deals the carnival-esque and a sense of the uncanny.  It’s about creating extraordinary visual spectacles through painting. It’s about the relationship between the 2D and the 3D, and about creating something closer to the way we see. Our eyes are spheres and rotate around a space and I wanted to find a way to depict that.”


“The painted globe ‘The Dormouse Bookshop – Painted Hemisphere’ that was displayed and sold at the Other Art Fair is the first spherical painting completed in this series. This work took several months to paint. Depicting a small bookshop, all my favourite books are captured in hundreds of spine titles on these revolving shelves. And then there are as many satirical volumes such as ‘Art for Idiots’ by Charles Saatchi, ‘Spitting Images’ by J.M.W. Turner and ‘Fixing the Art Market’ by Damien Hirst.

The second piece in this series is currently on display at The Underdog Gallery in London Bridge, until 11th November.  A hemisphere containing a flock of doves hangs on the wall like one half of an opened giant egg. I aim to create an experience where visitors to the show will feel like they have literally walked into the middle of a flock of birds!”