The Other Art Fair

Chicago: An Interview With Gregg Chadwick

Following the Chicago edition of The Other Art Fair, we interviewed a few artists to get to know them better.

Meet Gregg Chadwick, a painter based in California. Chadwick’s paintings have a recurring theme of the nature of time.

He believes a nostalgia for times passed and a hope for the future blend together in his paintings.

How did you first get interested in painting?

I remember gazing into the depths of oil paintings at the National Gallery in Washington DC when I was a young art student. The richness of color and luminosity in those paintings inspired me to study the craft of painting.

Walk us through your process

My paintings usually begin with what I like to call a thought sketch. An idea crystallizes in my mind and then guides the painting process as it unfolds. Numerous layers of paint overlap and blend as I work on my paintings from a few months to a year. As a painting approaches completion it seems to sing.

How do you know when a painting is finished?

I try to stop when one more brushstroke could be added, or one more detail clarified. My aim is to allow the viewer to bring their own stories into my artwork. In many ways these stories that observers bring to my work are one of the favorite parts of my process and often inspire new artworks.

“Keep looking deeply.”