The Other Art Fair

Brooklyn: Introducing Selection Committee Member Rolf Arne Leer

Introducing another member of our esteemed Selection Committee for the upcoming 5th edition of The Other Art Fair Brooklyn to take place during Frieze Week (May 2 – 5) at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Rolf Arne Leer is an entrepreneur and journalist from Norway with a passion for traveling, storytelling, and meeting new people. He is renowned for his work on “Good Evening Norway,” the largest entertainment news program in Norway, and for his documentary production, “Life is Strange” featuring an intensely anxious guy and his search for love.   

Rolf Arne immediately fell in love with New York through his encounters with locals, each of whom shared unique insights into what the city means to them and why they call it home.

Rolf Arne started visiting New Yorkers in their homes to conduct interviews and to gather their perspectives. First featured on the Huffington Post, Rolf began to gain followers from around the world with his innovative, unfiltered portraits.

He decided to share these insights through his own publication, and Quoted Magazine was born.

The Other Art Fair returns to Brooklyn May 2 – 5!