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Bristol: The BitterSuite Experience

Experience Debussy’s bewilderingly colourful quartet like never before at The Other Art Fair Bristol this 22-24 July.



A one-to-one experience, BitterSuite audience members are blindfolded by a performer and led through a choreographed sensory experience. Each sense working together to enhance the way you listen to Debussy. A fully embodied experience of his stunning quartet.

Where gourmet tastes, bespoke scents and choreographed touch and movement have been designed to enhance specific elements of the music. Performed by Phaedra Ensemble with a touch of BitterSuite.

“BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment by teasing your senses in time with the music…it’s inspired by synaesthesia, the neurological condition that leads to a confusion of the senses. This is a concert where you don’t just listen to the music – you taste it, smell it and feel it as well.”

Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

Each audience member takes part in this intimate and unique experience, with the performers leading the audience though the music and enveloping them within the music’s physical world.

BitterSuite’s sensory concert lasts approximately 30 minutes, each including 15 performers and 15 audience members, a live string quartet, eight purpose-made tastes and four individual scents.