The Other Art Fair

How I Could Afford My First Original Artwork

Words by Maya Mulvey-Santana (Fair Manager, The Other Art Fair Australia)

For those of us passionate about art, it’s not just a temporary fascination, it’s a lifestyle choice that reflects our values. Collecting art isn’t always about acquiring things or growing cultural capital; it’s about investing in the stories that inspire and touch us. It’s about transforming the spaces we live and relax into places of joy and inspiration. And perhaps even more important, it’s about staying connected with our community of creators and dreamers, and their visions of the world that might just align with your own.

I certainly identify with the journey from interested creative to full blown art lover. I know that seeing a new piece in person is like taking that first sip of a new, unconventional cocktail. When you step back to admire the newly hung artwork it’s like rounding the corner on a hike to be hit with a breathtaking and unexpected view. But really, the true magic of art lies not just in ownership but in the conversations it sparks and the connections it fosters.

At The Other Art Fair, we’re all about embracing the unconventional and pushing boundaries in the art world. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to a game-changing partner who is breaking down the barriers around art collecting, and ultimately making your life better. Enter, Art Money.  

If you’re not as intimately acquainted as I am, the Art Money team gave me the quick rundown of what their platform is —

“Art Money makes it easier for people to buy the art they love, by enabling them to pay over time instead of upfront, in turn supporting a more sustainable creative economy.  Whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting out, Art Money makes buying art easy! With the option to spread payments out over 10 months, interest-free, buyers can move quickly when they find that must-have artwork, and feel good about their purchase.”

And they’re not wrong – I’ve just purchased my first piece with Art Money, and for something that I thought was going to complicated, applying and getting approved for Art Money was pretty much instant. 

I’m surrounded by art all the time, and sometimes I fall in love at just the wrong moment!  It’s always when you’re not looking for something, that you stumble on the piece that worms it’s way in and nags at you for days and days.  That’s exactly what happened to me. Working at the Fair, I’m very well acquainted with the artists before our visitors even see the pieces, but once you’re at the Fair and seeing the pieces in person—that can be a brain chemistry changing moment.  

I’d already loved the style of this particular artist, but once I met them in person everything just came together.  Through conversation, I learned about some of the symbols I’d been seeing in his work, and found we shared some experiences reflected in his paintings.  Talking to him made me realize I connected with his work partly through these shared experiences, but also just how layered and complex and honest his pieces were.  There was one particular piece that I couldn’t ignore the magnetic pull of. It was the perfect match. The only hurdle was the financial aspect, but Art Money had a solution.

Maya chats with artist Musonga Mbogo at The Other Art Fair


The steps to buying through Art Money are pretty simple. It took me less than 15 minutes to apply and get approved for Art Money.  Not even a week after I had purchased the work it had been delivered, was up in my home, hung on my wall, absolutely transforming my space.

At the fair, it’s equally as simple to buy with Art Money:

  1. Find an artwork you love
  2. Confirm purchase and decision to use Art Money with the artist
  3. Apply for Art Money at the Art Money booth – fast, real time approval
  4. Create a new purchase to set up your monthly repayments and pay a minimum 10% deposit, payment 1 of 10
  5. Enjoy! The artwork is ready to collect and take home

I really hadn’t before seen myself as someone who would be able to afford such a large piece of art – I’d invested in art, and bought smaller pieces I loved, but saving up for a large piece in advance just wasn’t always practical.  Let’s be honest, it’s a lot harder to put money away for an abstract goal, than when you know exactly who and what the money is going toward.  This way, I can pay off the piece once a month, while benefiting from the joy it brings me in my day to day life.  The Other Art Fair has always been a relaxed and open place for people to nurture their passions and dreams around creativity and art, and here I was experiencing the first step of my own dream of a much loved art collection – I can not overstate how fulfilling it felt.  Art Money also understands that journey, and when we asked about why we’re such a good match, they pretty much nailed it, much better than I could have –

  “The Other Art Fair is a champion of emerging artistic talent in Australia, and at the fair, there is something for everyone. Art Money is passionate about increasing access to art, and by providing the option to pay over time, supports more art reaching more collectors.” 

Art is not confined to exclusive circles, and it’s not just an object to be coveted but an opportunity for discovery, connection, and fulfillment.  We’ve always believed in breaking down barriers and making art a part of everyday life and our partnership with Art Money allows us to help make that possible for so many more art lovers, who are ready to celebrate their passion on their terms.  After all, isn’t there always room for one more?