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A Day With Pilar Basa

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I have had many workspaces over the years. This is the most recent incarnation, a takeover of the section best lit with natural sunlight in my house. No matter the location, bedroom desk, garage, under an umbrella in the park or dinning table, sunlight is such an incredibly important aspect of a space for me. The warmth and earnestness of the sun reminds us of the excitement to be discovered and had in life. I tend not to take life too seriously, and my space reflects that. Nature, sun, openess, authenticity, hot coffee, my favourite tools and heaps of empty wine bottles. I removed my half full wine glass just for you, just for this shot 😉 play some Seu Jorge as you view this and you are sitting right here with me, would you like some pineapple? 🍍 #TOAFtakeover #takeovertuesday #theotherartfair #theotherartfairmel @pilar.basa

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It is a constant experiment with materials and mediums. A long running soap opera, a love hate relationship. As an illustrator who is also a designer, my tools range from the digital to the dirty. Recently I discovered that a favourite medium of mine was absolutely NOT lightfast, that was a bit of sad and funny moment to discover an illustration had literally disappeared in a couple of days. Perhaps an ephemeral piece commenting on the fragility and stoic beautu of nature? Never the less, now-a-days I am working with absolutely lightfast mediums like gouache, watercolours, black pen and paper cut outs. And always, always, always under the influence of copious amount of coffee, and good vibes. Here some recent works with close ups of the process. . . And a little Everly Brothers to keep the love vibez running @pilar.basa #TakeoverTuesday #TOAFtakeover #theotherartfair #theotherartfairmel

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