John Lijo Bluefish

John Lijo Bluefish is a contemporary collage artist based in Cochin- Kerala-In (India). His career in the design industry began with photography and has since been going strong for 13 years. His collages are an exploration of the transcendent relationships among images, objects, and memory and how these affect an individual’s sense of himself and his place in the world.

Your pieces have so much going on! How long does does it take to complete one? And how do you plan?

It usually take a week or two. I need to have lot of pictures around me. Most of the small images are related to the main image. I collect pictures from magazines, internet wide variety of mediums, Some turned out to be good, interesting.

I never think about developing my ideas, its spontaneous, I have materials around me. My ideas they come to me while I am working, developing and changing all the time.

What is your process for creating these pieces?

I choose photograph and paint over the photograph using Artificial Colours. Each piece is developed by scanning original magazine covers, photos, patterns, and drawings into the computer and then creating a new, highly layered work.

What did you find most challenging in your experience working on The Other Avatars?

Using a template. Otherwise, I approached the Van Gogh avatars just like my other work.


Is there anything you would like to add about your experience working on this project?

I would like to thank Saatchi Art for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to enter the NFT world.

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