Fei Alexeli

Fei Alexeli’s self described “surreal digital art” captures polarity in a complimentary way. A graduate of architecture Oxford Brookes University and the University of East London, Fei now uses artistic expression to channel her imagination and individuality. By digitally manipulating photography, she creates a view into a fantastic inner-world in which dominant subjects are depicted against vast landscapes and natural elements are contrasted against geometric shapes and references to artificial creations.


Your art really creates a certain ambience. Would you say that your studies in architecture influence you artwork?

I think in many ways Architecture has shaped me and my aesthetics. When creating a work I always think of space, environment, context, and bringing everything together. And even though my work is 2 dimensional, there’s always depth and perspective. It was when I was in the Architecture school that I started to learn more about creative and that there’s no limit to it.

What made you decide to pursue visual art instead?

I think I always wanted to be an artist, I just didn’t know how in the early days. My conception of artist was limited to a painter or a sculptor.

Today, I do digital collages, using multiple part of photos and create surreal compositions. My work is vibrant and themes like the universe, love, escapism are dominant.

The setting and spatial relation is very dominant in your work. Is there a special meaning behind the “galaxy” theme that repeats itself in a lot of your work?

When I make my works, I think and and there’s a lot of meanings and ideas for me but, The more I grow the more I realise that it doesn’t matter the meaning I assign to my works rather that each person’s interpretation. I like to think of them as entities of themselves, detached from the artist.

What was your approach to creating your 15 avatars?

All my avatars use the same base: the skeleton. I had so much fun trying out different set ups! It was mostly trial and error.

What are your thoughts are on NFTs? Have they changed as a result of participating in The Other Avatars NFT project?

Right from the beginning, I saw that NFTs were huge!! I wanted to be part of it but to be honest, a part of me was scared of this unknown world. When Saatchi Art invited me to participate in The Other Avatars, I felt secure and safe to participate and check it out. That was exciting and I’m really looking forward to the future!

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