Ernesto Navarro

Ernesto Navarro finds inspiration in the culture of his native Colombia. His art utilizes a hybrid of digital tools to feature symbols of Colombian ethnic groups, such as handicrafts, fabrics, hats, and even Colombian women.

These avatars definitely stand out! Can you tell us a bit about how your signature style expresses itself through these Van Goghs?

I am inspired by the elements of Colombian culture around the female figure such as the design of handicrafts, fabrics, hats, and each of the objects that represent our ethnic groups. In these pieces, the woman and the hats are the common thread to my work.

How did you approach this project?

It was a creative challenge, starting a new learning process. I have learned that the works are revealed step by step, but it was very clear to me that the process would be very detailed.

First of all, we rebuilt the backgrounds and they were printed.

The process began with brushstrokes that were later photographed.

Finally, I used photo editing programs such as Adobe photoshop and Capture for the details in each work.


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