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Think Pink: 5 Ways to Add a Splash of Bright Pink to Your Décor

Valentine’s Day has us feeling warm and fuzzy, and in the mood for the colors of love this week. It’s the perfect time to celebrate one of the most creative fashion-forward designers of all time… Elsa Schiaparelli, who fearlessly embraced bold color, interesting shapes and lively pattern. Why not warm things up with a shot of one of her favorite shades, hot pink?

Elsa Schiaparelli’s fashions were elegantly surreal, full of bold colors, ornate detail and entertaining surprise. She befriended and collaborated with many well-known Surrealists of the time, including Salvador Dali and his wife, Gala. For more about Schiaparelli’s life as an artist, visit 1st Dibs for a post on a new biography by Meryle Secrest.

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to add some passionate pink into your space, and only one requires a paintbrush:

1 ) Add some color from the ground up… A hyper-charged hot pink rug is an instant way to energize your room without being too overpowering.

(Image: Photo by Troy Thies, Design by Martha O’Interiors, Courtesy of Houzz)

Pairing your powerful pinks with clear acrylics and white provides the best of both worlds in your workspace. Natural wood textures, super-sized abstract artwork, and cozy neutrals also make great partners for vivid pink.

2 ) Supercharge your seating. Bright furniture really packs a punch. Investing in statement-making seating is a great option if you’re in love with hot pink, but repainting is out of the question.

(Image: Photo by NewWall, Courtesy of Houzz)

Try pairing traditional furniture in vivid shades with black and white art photography to cultivate a classic interior with a surprising hint of irreverent color.

3 ) Open the door to something more. If you’re ready to proclaim your love of pink with a bold PDA, why not paint your front door? Don’t be shy… Elsa would approve!

(Image: Photo by Tory Zimmerman, Design by Post Architecture, Courtesy of Houzz)

4 ) If you love unusual interiors and creating a sense of wonder, plant some pink in unexpected places

Elsa Schiaparelli known for her love of playful pattern.

(Image: Photo by Carmina Baygual, Courtesy of Houzz)

5 ) Wake up your walls with a kiss of color. Displaying bold and lively modern art is one of the easiest ways to add a pop of pink to your space.

(Image: Photo by Bob Gundu, Design by Tim Wickens Architect, Courtesy of Houzz)

Invite bright pink contemporary art into your traditional navy living room and get ready for compliments. This bright pink painting adds a pop of powerful color to keep things engaging while the white works to promote a feeling of calm.

Visit Saatchi Art’s Hot Pink Art Collection and prepare to swoon…