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Overlooked Places to Display Your Art

Looking for Space in all the Right Places

If your housing situation is anything like mine, chances are you live and/or work in a cozy matchbox and are always looking for more space… more space to store things, more space to spread out, and more space to think and to create.

You may also feel like you have run out of places to display new art, but most homes and offices have unused or under-used spaces that are ideal for displaying small artwork and prints.

Whether you’re an urban apartment dweller attempting to embrace the charms of minimal living space, a tiny house lover, or an avid collector who is looking for fresh ideas to feature more art in your home, read on for ideas and inspiration.

If you’ve got more art than wall, try displaying small works on windowsills.

(Image: Photo by One Kings Lane, Courtesy of Houzz)

The sliver of space above a door provides an ideal perch for small works. Depending on ceiling height, you may even have room to install a small shelf and create an eye-catching stage for mixed vignettes.

(Image: Photo by Jeff Beene, Design by Pankow Contructions, Courtesy of Houzz)

If you like the look of salon style gallery walls, try leaning larger works on the floor at the bottom, and hanging small artwork above. Using the height of the whole wall to display your art collection makes ceilings feel taller.

(Image: Photo by Michael J Lee, Design by Katie Rosenfeld Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

Learn to love layers. Layering small artwork and sculpture in front of larger art or mirrors is visually appealing and saves space. You can try layering the frames themselves, too. Both options add a feeling of dimension to your displays.

(Image: Photo by Patrick Heagney Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

That empty spot between your windows could be the perfect home for a new favorite work of art!

(Image: Photo by Eric Laignel, Design by Dirk Denison Architects, Courtesy of Houzz)

Instead of surrendering all your space to a single statement piece, makeover your mantel into a mini-gallery, and install a selection of small artwork above an artful display of plants, books and vintage treasures.

(Image: Photo by GR Home/Graciela Rutkowski Interiors, Courtesy of Houzz)

Don’t forget about art for the kitchen. At my place, it’s the most popular spot for gathering despite its (lack of) size. Even an elfin kitchen offers pocket-sized spaces for displaying small artwork and prints.

(Image: Photo by Andrew Sherman, Design by En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe, Courtesy of Houzz)

Featuring small art on floating shelves or picture ledge above your bed maximizes wall space and creates a color charged spot for reflection and rejuvenation. Add patterned pillows and decorative elements that coordinate with your collection to complete the look.

(Image: Photo by Jacob Snavely Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

Whether you dream in bohemian or your taste is traditionally elegant, nightstands make excellent foundations for bedside vignettes.

(Image: Photo by Design Manifest, Courtesy of Houzz)

Hanging small art on room dividers can increase your available display space while increasing your privacy. Just be sure that the dividers are secure.

(Image: Photo by Tobin + Parnes Design Enterprises, Courtesy of Houzz)

Almost everyone has an empty corner at home. If you’re scouting for space to display small works of art, try installing floating corner shelving to create a cozy nook for your collections. Place it next to a sunny window and create your own inviting greenhouse gallery.

(Image: Photo by Kia Designs, Courtesy of Houzz)

You don’t have to give up storage space to gain art space. The empty space above the coat rack in your entryway or mudroom is a great spot for sharing small art, prints and photos.

(Image: Photo by Howell Custom Building Group, Courtesy of Houzz)

There’s always room for one more small artwork, if you open your eyes to all the possibilities…

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