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One Bedroom Six Ways

Is your bedroom begging for a change of scenery?

Explore our latest slideshow now to see for yourself how introducing even one new work of contemporary art effortlessly upgrades a moody urban retreat…


Rabbit Lake 14, an original oil painting by Saatchi Art artist Elizabeth Lennie

1... Unwind with art. Oversized modern landscapes in placid blues and greys offer a sublime focal point for evening relaxation.

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2... Abstract color and strong brushstrokes are undeniably uplifting, especially when layered over dusky walls. Invite some vibrant statement works in if you’re a morning person looking for an easy energy boost!

Dream Again, an original acrylic painting by Saatchi Art artist Stephanie Rivet

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3... Inky accent walls make beautiful backdrops for colorful salon style galleries. Call in a collection of bright graphic paintings or prints and transform your bare bedroom into a slumber party…

A collection of high quality art prints by Saatchi Art artist Fabio Coruzzi

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4... Minimal works featuring organic shapes bring a sophisticated softness to a dark boudoir while complimenting surrounding textures.

Wind Blue 70, an original painting by Saatchi Art artist Jessy Cho

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5... Dodge the drab… Showing off punchy layered pop art can keep a dark room feeling more lighthearted while offering engaging contrast.

Walk About the Rice, original contemporary art by Saatchi Art artist Campbell La Pun

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6... Feature subtle modern statement paintings or oversized collage to add touch of understated texture and dimension to deeply toned bedroom walls.

Disposable Cause, an original mixed media collage by Saatchi Art Invest in Art artist David Fredrik Moussallem

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Visit Saatchi Art’s Fall Catalog today and uncover more dreamy possibilities to better your bedroom (or anyplace else you desire!) with art…

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