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Live with Art: Before & After #6


Everyone loves a good Before & After, us included, so we decided to take our “View in a Room” feature one step further by presenting rooms with Saatchi Online artwork on their walls.

The result? Enjoy the 6th installment in our Before & After series in which we transform the room pictured above by adding different works of art. Scroll below to view all the photos.

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Live with art—it makes all the difference!

After-- Carlson Hatton

Browse more art by Carlson Hatton (pictured above)

Entitled “Close Your Eyes and Count to 7,000,” this work by Los Angeles artist Carlson Hatton is composed of four wooden panels. Read our interview with Carlson and check out these photos from her studio.

After-- Eva Kunze

Browse more art by Eva Kunze (pictured above)

This painting, “Red Amazon,” is part of a series called VEILED – UNVEILED by German artist Eva Kunze. Discover more portraits in our The Face of Portraiture collection.

After-- Andre Azevedo

Browse more art by Andre Azevedo (pictured above)

“Clareira” is a painting by Brazilian artist Andre Azevedo.

After-- Agnes Debowski

Browse more art by Andre Debowski (pictured above)

The above painting, entitled  “Ice Tea in the Park,”  is by artist Andre Debowski.

After-- Naomi Yuki

Browse more art by Naomi Yuki (pictured above)

The above two paintings, “Breath” and “Melt”, are by artist Japanese artist Naomi Yuki.

After-- Jung S. Kim

Browse more art by Jung S. Kim (pictured above)

These three photographs entitled “#15: A Boy Who Saved His Fiancé from a Corrupt Politician”“#10: An Angel Whose Flying Cloth was Stolen, and “#2: A Girl Who Played and Danced for High Society”are by South Korean artist Jung S. Kim, who is featured in our Invest in Art: 12 Artists to Buy Now series. These self-portraits depict various characters from traditional Korean folk tales, as referenced in their titles.

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