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Lift the Look: Modern Bohemian Bedrooms

Reinventing your bedroom with a modern bohemian look can help transform an ordinary room into a stylish sanctuary. Picking up some updated bohemian style is easy… Explore a few of our favorite modern bohemian bedrooms from Houzz and see how to use contemporary art, live greenery, jewel tones, and natural textures to lift this look for your bedroom now…

Figurative art and abstracts look fantastic paired with plants in a modern space, and you don’t have to spend a mint to make things over. Check out our latest Originals from $500 to $1500 collection and find original art you’ll love to compliment an eclectic bohemian bedroom today…

If you want to start collecting original art, why wait? This original colorful floral abstract in oil is only $710. (Image: Repartee Vby Saatchi Art artist Nicole Fossi.)

Rejuvenating Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are set to sparkle in home design this year. Try blissful sky or ocean blues, verdant greens or peaceful pinks to invite some new color in…

Little Venice Apartment
(Image: Photo by Nathalie Priem Photography, courtesy of Houzz)

Before repainting, hang a painting. Unveiling some new artwork is an effortless way to layer a new color into your bedroom minus the prep, ladders, and clean up. (Image: Pale Ravine, a dreamy abstract landscape painting in jewel tones by Saatchi Art artist Ron Cooper)

It’s a Good Time for Growth

Fresh green plants are abundant in home decor right now! Greening up your bedroom with romantic hanging vines and potted plants is an affordable and healthy way to boost your bedroom’s bohemian style while increasing color and texture.

Outer Sunset Master Bedroom
If you like an uncluttered minimal feel or space is at a premium, try showing off your green thumb with a woodsy wall planter or textured woven plant hangers. (Image: Design by Christy Allen Designs, Photo by Michele Lee Willson, courtesy of Houzz)

Get in Touch With Your Inner Nature

Reach for natural and vintage mid-century woods, wovens, flokati covered furniture, and cork to bring a layered bohemian feel to your space.

SF Decorator Showcase 2010
(Image: Design and photo by Wick Design, courtesy of Houzz)

Flatiron Condo
Expand your point of view… You can use oversized paintings, oceanscapes and landscape photography to bring an increased sense of depth and dimension to a small bedroom. Consider displaying large artworks for a focal point or behind your bed in place of a headboard. (Image: Design by JK Walters Inc, Photography by Beth Bates, courtesy of Houzz)

Personal Space

Feature your favorite colors, furniture and decorative accents to make your bedroom feel like an instant getaway, more about you than any other room in the house… An eclectic and comfortable bohemian bedroom makes a great gallery for showing off your art collection, books and personal treasures.

Swan River Home
(Image: Design and photo by Kim Pearson Pty Ltd, courtesy of Houzz)

(Image Credit Top: L: From Marin – Limited Edition 5 of 100, art photography by Saatchi Art artist NADIA ATTURA; R: Pale Ravine, an original landscape painting by Saatchi Art artist Ron Cooper)

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