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It’s Time to Shine: Decorating with Metallics

If you’re in the mood to brighten things up at home or get festive for the New Year, make a move towards metallics. Gold, silver, bronze and chrome play beautifully with fine art and art photography. Inviting a few stylish metallic furnishings or decorative accessories to the party instantly pumps up the glam factor in any room. Take a look at these brilliant interiors to see for yourself.

Are you a fan of dark dusky walls? Adorn them with some shiny gold shapes and prepare to be envied. When you’re looking for good places to add a Midas touch, don’t forget the inside of pendants and lampshades.
Metallic decorative accents are even more eye-catching when paired with dark walls.

(Image: Photo by Nate Fischer Interiors, Courtesy of Houzz)

Just a bit of bronze, copper, and gold can warm up white interiors while flattering your favorite art photography and contemporary art. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and try combining different metals in similar colors and contrasting textures.

(Image: Photo by Cynthia Lynn Photography, Design by Danielle Moss, Courtesy of Houzz)

Many designers suggest starting small… Introduce some gilded frames, a mirror or some luxe pillows to your room and see how you like the look before taking on more extensive tiling or painting projects. Introduce a few warm metallic tones to the crisp and furry textures in your white room to
create a more cozy space.

Use cool silver to add a polished glow to your sophisticated space. Framing your photography, art prints or original art in shimmering painted frames is a great place to start.  Silvery tones are especially complimentary paired with gray patterns and textures.

(Image: Photo by Upscale Country Fine Home Furnishings, Courtesy of Houzz)

These silvery reflective frames help draw the viewer’s gaze to the subdued art inside.

One piece of metallic furniture can transform the entire atmosphere of a room. Shiny silver and chrome look fantastic with translucent furnishings, modern art, and black and white photography.

(Image: Photo by Digs Design Company, Courtesy of Houzz)

After you’ve met your favorite metals, consider creating a radiant accent wall. Shimmering metallic patterned paper or reflective tile can make your room feel richer and help illuminate a small, dark space.

(Image: Photo by Douglas Williams Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

If you’re decorating an apartment and looking for a less permanent solution, try papering or tiling the back of a bookshelf or display cabinet to get your glow going.

(Image: Photo by Elizabeth Metcalfe Interior Designs, Courtesy of Houzz)

Revamping your existing shelving and furniture with shiny metallic finishes can transform them into stunning display areas for your favorite small artwork and sculpture.

(Image: Photo by Lisa Petrole Photography, Design by Urban Development Inc, Courtesy of Houzz)

Mirrored metallic wall decals are a simple way to add some wow to your white interiors.

Creatively decorating your home with metallics is an eco-friendly opportunity to upcycle. Metallic spray paint is an easy, budget-friendly way to reclaim flea market finds and make everyday household items feel original. Try painting some tired table legs, bookcases, or planters your favorite gold or silver shade to make something blah feel brand new.

(Image: Photo by Sarah Greenman, Courtesy of Houzz)

Looking for a way to glam up your Ikea desk in a day? Try painting the table legs gold!

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