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Inspiration: Primarily Modern Mondrian

Happy Birthday Piet Mondrian!  Here’s to the game-changing Dutch artist who infinitely advanced the boundaries of abstract art while transforming his own style and vision. Although his artistic journey began by painting more representational landscapes in natural tones, Mondrian is best-known for his abstracted grids, with their clear black lines and primary color palette, created in hopes of inspiring a sense of balance, unity and harmony.

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From mod fashions to modern architecture and design, Mondrian’s style remains influential. In celebration of his iconic style, enjoy some of these standout interiors and contemporary artworks that bring Mondrian to mind…

Abstract primary colored paintings can provide eye-catching focal points in contemporary kitchens. Red has the power to increase appetites, while yellow adds a welcoming glow, and blue brings a sense of balance. Read our recent post to learn more about using the positive power of color in your home design.

Mondrian’s influence extends past the purely modern. Here, primary colored walls add an unexpected twist to an eclectic traditional dining room while providing attractive contrast to framed artwork and mirrors.

Try a geometric wooden wall sculpture inspired by Mondrian to expand the sense of color and dimension in a modern minimal or mid-century styled home design scheme.

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